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The ultimate cloud-based business solution

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Get up and running in minutes, not hours.

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Our cloud stack is made with handpicked open-source packages. They are tested and proven for greatness in enterprise environments.

Premium support at a fraction of the cost.

We provide all levels of tech support, including localised documentation and on-site support (provided by our local partners).

All-in-one Dashboard

All your services are under one roof and Single Sign-On (SSO) for the entire tech stack.

Dashboard powered by NextCloud™.

The platform in a nutshell

Who is it for?


POS System


Distance teaching tool


Invoicing system


Barcoding system

Construction Services

CRM system


LMS system


Personal finance

Corperate Officers

Unified communication

Shipping Companies

Tracking system


Billing system

Care Homes

HRM system

Courier Services

ERP system

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I've tried other cloud-based office packages, but I ended up with HighFlyer Cloud. It is a cost-effective alternative to office 365 or Google Workspace.
Alison Davies
HighFlyer Cloud™ is the most cost-effective Zoom alternative in town. I'm only using the video chat option for teaching, which is the only function I pay for.
Daiyu Wong
As a small cafe owner, I couldn't afford an expensive invoicing system. Then I found HighFlyer Cloud™, which covers all the aspects of my business. My POS system is 100% powered by HighFlyer Cloud.
Anas Bennani
Cafe Owner

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